Hang a Fake Art to your wall!

We believe that it is not fair to "debase" the value of an art work talking about the price and show it in a web site. An art work is a painting.
We are sure that the sensitivity of our visitors there will be thankful for our choice since the variables to consider when evaluating a painting are so many and not all understandable with the technological mean we are using to show them on this web site.

So we think that to consider carefully and concretely our art collection, is essential to visit our showroom, to be able to "hand touch" the painting and finally have a close sight.
If you need directions on how to reach us, we kindly ask to refer to the our "Reach us" page. We remind you, however, to plan your visit in advance.

If you are unable to visit us, or if you would like more information, estimations or any further exploration, you are welcome to contact us through our contact form or you can directly call Maria Sidoli at her telephone number (+39)330.336890.

We finally conclude with the hope of doing something pleasant in giving everyone the chance to get in direct contact with us, in order to get all the information you may need.